Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation

Contaminated land refers to land that has been contaminated by hazardous substances and has the potential to present a risk to human health and the environment. Land contamination is typically encountered on site used for historic industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes. Common activities which have the potential to cause land contamination include service stations, fuel and oil storage sites, mechanical workshops, cattle tick dips and spray races, tanneries and wood treatment sites, agricultural chemical use and landfills.


To identify and manage land contamination, ADG offers the following range of services: 

  • Due Diligence investigations for property aquisitions.
  • Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigations to develop a site history, identify potential sources of contamination and associated contaminants.
  • Stage 2 Detailed Site Investigations including the design of soil, surface and groundwater sampling and analytical programs to identify the spatial distribution of contaminants, assessment of potential contaminant migration and exposure pathways.
  • Remedial Action Plans and Site Management Plans for submission to local and state government. ADG has experience with a wide range of remedial technologies which we can recommend based on the site conditions, contaminants of concern, remediation goals and economic viability.
  • Validation including supervision of all remedial works, validation sampling to confirm post remediation contaminant levels, and the preparation of Site Validation Reports.
  • Waste Classification Reports to obtain government approvals and disposal permits for waste materials and contaminated soil.

"Our company has worked extensively with ADG Consulting over many years on numerous land development projects involving complex wastewater management issues and contaminated land assessment. ADG has always provided the highest quality reports and advice to our clients. Their experience, technical knowledge, commitment, and common sense approach are invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending ADG Consulting to others seeking expertise in this field."

Mark Toombs
Principal Planner – TJ Kelly Surveys Pty Ltd