Landfill Gas and Soil Vapour Monitoring

Hazardous ground gases including methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon-based organic vapours occur naturally in the environment, however there are numerous sources of these gases derived from anthropogenic activities such as landfilling and contaminant releases. Methane is the principal hazardous gas associated with the degradation of organic material in landfills and is readily oxidised to carbon dioxide. Hydrocarbon contamination is typically the result of fuel spills and/or leaks from storage facilities and service stations. 
ADG offers the following range of gas monitoring services:
  • LFG and soil vapour screening to identify impacts associated with ground gases, soil vapour and landfill gas migration.
  • Design of permanent and semi-permanent LFG and soil vapour monitoring well networks to allow for investigation and ongoing compliance monitoring. 
  • Supply and installation of LFG and soil vapour monitoring wells and monitoring equipment.
  • Preparation of Conceptual Site Models and Risk Assessment Reports 


"Our company has worked extensively with ADG Consulting over many years on numerous land development projects involving complex wastewater management issues and contaminated land assessment. ADG has always provided the highest quality reports and advice to our clients. Their experience, technical knowledge, commitment, and common sense approach are invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending ADG Consulting to others seeking expertise in this field."

Mark Toombs
Principal Planner – TJ Kelly Surveys Pty Ltd