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ADG specialises in the management of soil and water within urban and natural environments. We are dedicated to supplying outstanding service, and provide the opportunity for all clients to liaise with the company director at any time.

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Services we provide

Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation

Contaminated Land

Contaminated land refers to land that has been contaminated by hazardous substances. As a result, it holds the potential to present a risk to human health and the environment. Land contamination is typically encountered on sites used for historic industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes.

Landfill Gas and Soil Vapour Monitoring

Landfill Gas and Soil Vapour Monitoring

Hazardous ground gases including methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon-based organic vapours occur naturally in the environment, however there are numerous sources of these gases derived from anthropogenic activities such as landfilling and contaminant releases.

On-site Wastewater Management

On-site Wastewater mangement

On-site wastewater management systems are required to manage domestic and commercial wastewater in unsewered areas. The suitability of a site to accept treated wastewater is dependent on the soil type, soil profile, topography, hydrology, hydrogeology, and the proposed wastewater loads and effluent quality.

Acid Sulfate Soil Assessment & Management

Acid Sulfate Soil Assessment & Management

Acid sulfate soils (ASS) occur predominantly on coastal lowlands with elevations generally below 5m AHD. The exposure of ASS to oxygen by drainage, excavation or filling results in the production of sulphuric acid and the mobilisation of aluminium, iron and other heavy metals.

Sample Recovery

Sample Recovery and Material Classification

ADG’s Environmental Scientists have extensive knowledge of soil, surface water and groundwater sampling techniques, and are familiar with the sub-surface conditions encountered throughout the eastern states of Australia.

Groundwater & Dewatering Management

Groundwater & Dewatering Mangement

Groundwater is an integral part of the hydrologic cycle and provides significant contributions to rivers, lakes, wetlands and swamps. It also maintains the dynamics of estuarine and in-shore marine water bodies, contributing inflows of freshwater to otherwise saline environments.

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